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If you live in Wisconsin and are purchasing a piece of land, a home or business, a land survey is a must. Knowing exactly what your property lines are can save you a lot of potential headaches. Land surveying projects need a well trained land surveyor. We our committed to providing the best accurate surveying service for residential or commercial projects.

Oconomowoc WI Land Surveyor

One of the primary roles of a land surveyor is to determine the boundaries of a person's property. Land Surveying accurately determines the exact measurements on the physical property and marks it, so the owner knows the exact legal property boundaries and also the elevation, length, width, area and volume. This information will help for planning and construction on the property.

KW Surveying is a licensed land surveyor who can sign and seal all plans and help determine the exact boundaries of your property.

Oconomowoc WI Land Surveying

Land surveying provides crucial information about a property including aerial topography and mapping, as-built surveys, boundary surveys, construction staking, easement plats, topographic surveys, flood plain surveys, route surveys, subdivision platting, title surveys, tree surveys and other surveys if needed. KW Land Surveying can do surveys for individuals, mortgage companies, title companies, residential construction companies, commercial construction companies and builders.

Our land surveying services cover many cities throughout Wisconsin including Juneau, Fort Atkinson, Jefferson, Lake Mills, Watertown, East Troy, Germantown, Hartford, West Bend, Delafield, Mukwonago, Muskego, New Berlin, Oconomowoc and Waukesha.

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